Special Thanks

It takes a village – or better yet a flock – of people to make a Menurkey and it is to these people we offer our sincerest thanks and appreciation.

Trusted Ambassadors

Madeline and Steve Anbinder
Gloria and Alvin Baron
Tracy and Robert Baron
Edward Eskind
Peter Ezersky
Susan Gershenhorn and Jim Lazarus
Judy and Steven Gluckstern
Janet Hod
Martha Jensen
Susan Kaplan
John Lyons
Deborah Neasi-Miller and Avram Miller
Thomas Stiyer
Sister Linda Thompson
Judith and Malcolm Weintraub

Chief Facilitators

Kendall Haney
Emma Thatcher
Jared Shalek

Menurkey Design Adaptation

Connie Smith (http://www.etsy.com/shop/doters )


Plaque Art Creations (www.plastercraft.com)
Connie Smith
Choplet Studios
Gareth Anderson


Plaque Art Creations

Licensing, Outreach and General All Around Advice

Nancy Diamond
Heidi Packer
David Frank
Gary Kane


Hisham Abed
Bliss Holloway
Abner Willis


Stephen Jacobs
Adam Jacobs
Bill Phillips
Michael Messer
Adam Kotok

App Creation

Mike Jutan
Matthew Parrot

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